It's just enough to hold me,

but not enough to care.

With bold anticipation growing,

gimme a sign and I'll be there.


Indifference is spreading

the width and breadth of us.

An insect in our bedding,

our aim is off, but our cause is just‚

It's just... just.



When we know

where to go

we won't be lost.

With a compass spinning

in the final inning,

and we're calm.

With our stride

and our pride

we can catch this steed.

You'll find the you

and we'll find the we.

Oh, we'll find the we.


A marching trail of mindless

will follow to the end,

but I am off path beaten

vanish around the bend.





Once you know, what it feels like to fall, you swear, about you you'll keep your wits. When all the sensations, and minor frustrations, bleed into one the harder
that you hit.


I'll tell myself I'll learn what hurts. A broken stone falls twice as hard.



When my hands stop shaking, and my eyes can reawaken, and the beauty of it all can take effect.
I learn every time I stumble when a scream becomes
a mumble. Seein' nothing but trees until I rise above
the green.


Better to have had and have lost than not at all but only if for it you're the wiser. Cause love can give you wings and pick you up over everything but know that if the wings give way, you're bound for the ground.


I am only as strong as the lessons I've learned from.






Rain, it fell just the other day. Been a while since the ground got a drink from the clouds. Shoes got dirty as I was making my way. The impression I left wasn't like the one you left
on my heart.


Quite the unlikely comparison between the soft soil and the way you've impacted me. Just shows how a footprint can wash away with time. But for you, there's a place in my heart
long after you leave.



You've been etched deep within my stone And though time will grind it down you will always see your name As the one true definition of my all. You will be with me long after
the skies fall.


The prints we leave everywhere we turn tell of all our wrongs and we own every single line. The marks we make show what we have touched. And I've got yours And I know that
you've got mine.


I can't wash away what you are baby, I don't wanna try.
How can one dispose of the nature of a spark and thus,
turn out the light?




Open your eyes at a high rate of speed.

tears will come forth when you see that it's all you need.

To make you feel like a true airborne king

and realize impermanence lies in everything


Take a step slow

just so you feel

the warmth in your toes.

As if to steal

the currency of

abandon in love

and say, "I'm not safe‚

but I'm okay. I'm okay"


Watch as the air seems to tear through the wheat.

Silent becomes vibrant and whistles symphonies

of just how small, full of gall we can be

with no never mind to be kind but I do believe.


We'll come around


with arguments sound

crisp air to breathe.

Riding the backs

and learning the facts

to say, "I'm not safe‚

but I'm okay. I'm okay"


I'm not safe

but I'm okay. I'm okay


Is the sun,

is the sun too high?

Kindly move

while the world passes by.

Does skin cool

in the shade of life?

Is the sun,

is the sun too high?



Save this soul from rambling

across the burning sand.

Steps taken when the shadows fall

are the measure,

are the measure of a man


Does the night,

does the night play games?

Turning love,

turning love back to blame.

Last stop

of the line on this train.

Does the night,

does the night play games?




Does the will

outlast the urge?

When effect and the cause

is Purged?

Will we,

will we ever learn?

Does the will

outlast the urge?




I felt a cold breeze

blowing strong.

I was set for sun

but I guess I was wrong

I hoped it wouldn't last too long.

But as the clouds poured in

I realized they did not belong.


I know we ought not

to trust the weather man,

but there was no warning,

no clue of it until it began

to tear apart this land.

And I ain't got no shelter,

no roof above that can withstand.



When there's a Cold Front

bearing down,

throw up your hands to God

or fall to the ground

praying that it all

will be over soon.

And then the clouds would part

with sky blue shining through.


The dust it was kickin'

as the rain came down.

It flood the basement,

got us thinkin that we'd surely drown.

Had to head for higher ground.

The street was the river

that the trees were sailin' down.




There ain't no storm that

can last forever.

When times get tough we can survive

only if we stick together.


Don't Sleep.

Awake from the dreams

that don't make sense.

and from all the hurt

that comes forth hence,

be free.


It's ok

to open your eyes

in the middle of the night.

Sit with the lies

that get your neck tight.

Pull the strings away.



Because we

Don't have to be let down

To turn the world around

Get lost to then get found


We needed tough love

to see the stuff love

is capable of


Good things

will come when you sing

all alone in the dark

be thankful and bring

you're very own spark

To the void



When all else it seems

To be the lost thing

Follow your dreams

Embrace every sting

That keeps you going.




We Seem

to realize way too late

the bad was good

and the good was downright great.


Time flies

with a gaze on the horizon.

When you look out

and tune out...


Not what your eye's on,

don't let it pass.

Talk's cheap,

so get on it fast

and make it count

before you waste away.



And I

won't lie

if I die

I haven't done enough with this time.

Curtain's lifted and I'll sure try.



when we are all but memories,

will my name

be spoken or a mystery?

Deeds done,

challenges met, and won

or empty biographies.


And don't, no,

don't let it pass

'cause talk's cheap

so get off your ass

And make it count before you waste away.






Clear things up, I thought that we had already. Made you up, like a princess in my head. Countless talks without ever saying a thing. Aimless walks in one place, one still place.


Laid it out, on a line I thought was drawn in the sand but never could you cross it. Late night call you say you wanna
see me and without a stall I'm here counting down
the minutes, but...



I won't be waiting 'til dawn so don't leave me waiting. I won't be staying for long so don't ask me to stay.


Stars leave tracks across the veins of the heavens. I had your back through it all but you won't give me a call. Rush of air that would smell better if you were there but you leave me waiting here, well



Stay stay, don't ask me to stay.